ART and IT: How to Set Up Workshops at School

What if cooking classroom looks like a TV cooking show set, how the smartest laboratory shall be equipped, why the design workshop needs the area of 300+ m2, what is the most exciting part of Fab Lab. We have filmed series of short videos on EdDesign LLC projects that shows different schools and different space scenarios for Art and IT blocks. 

Laboratories in New School


In chemistry, physics and biology workshops you can find all the necessary equipment for safe and spectacular experiments. Supply lines are drawn via a smart ceiling system that gives access to water, electricity, light currents and compressed air supply from any place in the classroom where they are needed. All working surfaces are resistant to chemicals and thermal damage. Students will be safe here: in case any slightest risk occurs, the system automatically cuts off access to the supply lines.


Fab Lab in Wunderpark International School 


In Fab Lab many various types of activities are brought together in one area. Students assemble electronic circuits and polygonal patterns, manipulate with a 3D-printer, 3D-pen, laser cutter and a cutting plotter. They learn how to use all modern digital production tools and pursue the route from developing an idea to creating an operational prototype.


Design Workshop in Engineering School


Design workshop is an area with fully-featured equipment, where students can try themselves in art, design and architecture. It is the largest workshop in the school, with the area of 363 sq. m. It includes different areas from drawing dedicated spaces to project based working. Classes for senior and secondary school students are conducted by professional architects.


Cooking Classroom in Horoshkola School 


A spacious creative cluster where students can study in small groups as well as in large teams of up to 40 people. Lessons are conducted in the format of master classes and look more like TV shows with a chef instead of a teacher. Children learn to cook and to enjoy healthy food, the same time they study history, geography, foreign languages, and do cultural studies right there, in the kitchen.





June 2024

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