Design of Aldar Education’s Noya British School Embodies Modern, Sustainable Ethos

Amid the surge of new international schools establishing branches throughout the UAE for the forthcoming academic year, here’s uplifting news for parents seeking the finest British curriculum institution on Yas Island. Positioned in the vibrant heart of Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Aldar Education’s Noya British School is poised to deliver the British curriculum to pupils spanning from FS1 to Year 6 initially, with plans to extend up to Year 13.


With the launch of Aldar Schools, we embark on a journey to redefine education accessibility. Noya British School, our pioneering institution under this segment, embodies our commitment to providing exceptional education at an affordable cost.
Sahar Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Aldar Education
Sahar Cooper


Cooper explains that their mission is clear: to create an inclusive, nurturing, and inspiring learning environment that equips students for a bright future.

“We aspire to make top-tier education a reality for more families, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and become a leader of tomorrow,” added Cooper.

The school is strategically located in North Yas Island, Noya British School is in close proximity to The Sustainable City and Yas Acres, making it conveniently accessible for students and their families.

The campus offers state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities including spacious classrooms, multi-functional halls, senior common rooms, specialist teaching areas, technology zones and two swimming pools.


Being part of Aldar Education’s extensive network of schools, Noya British School benefits from an exchange of knowledge, best practices, and resources. This collaborative environment promotes the sharing of innovative teaching methodologies and provides access to global educational tools.
Rachael Giles, Founding Principal of Noya British School
Rachael Giles


“Our priority lies not only in academic excellence but also in nurturing the overall development of each student. We foster intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth through comprehensive programmes. State-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities enhance student engagement, creativity, and collaboration, fostering academic and personal growth,” Giles added.

Image: Noya British School.


Noya British School is expected to commence operations in the upcoming academic session, as it emerges as the premier greenfield school under its newly established Aldar Schools division. Aldar Schools is devoted to delivering outstanding education to key areas in Abu Dhabi, emphasising excellence, wellness, and affordability.

The Founding Principal of Noya emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive learning space.


We look forward to welcoming parents and students in the 2024/25 academic year. Our promise is to provide a nurturing and more accessible learning environment at the heart of Yas Island. Our commitment extends beyond supporting the holistic development of our students; we aim to unlock the value of community at the heart of this thriving living and entertainment destination.
Rachael Giles, Founding Principal of Noya British School
Rachael Giles


Aldar Education is the leading education provider in Abu Dhabi, with almost 38,000 students across 31 operated and managed schools and a growing network of educators from over 100 nationalities, as one of the most sought-after institutions.

Interview with Rachael Giles, Founding Principal of Noya British School:


How do you describe the design of Noya British School?

The design of Noya British School embodies a modern, sustainable ethos, fostering a welcoming environment that nurtures a strong sense of community. Thoughtfully designed communal spaces, such as the parent café, play a pivotal role in fostering this community spirit and enhancing the overall school atmosphere. This communal ethos resonates with the school's unique position within Aldar’s Noya community on Yas Island.

Image: Noya British School. Parent Cafe.


What’s the school design in relation to the space, colour of the walls, interiors, in particular?

The school's design prioritises creating a harmonious space through a predominantly natural colour scheme, fostering a serene and nurturing atmosphere conducive to learning. Incorporating natural wood elements and built-in planters seamlessly integrates nature into the school environment. Additionally, retaining the blue colour throughout the school enhances a sense of identity and belonging among our young learners.

Images: Noya British School. Reception and Library Functional Stage & Seating.


The walls, predominantly white, serve as a neutral backdrop, providing a canvas for students to showcase their artwork and projects, which fosters a child-led learning environment.

In the classrooms for younger students, a feature wall painted in various pastel colours unique to each classroom further enhances the calming atmosphere, promoting concentration and facilitating an enriching learning experience.


How is Noya different from a space perspective?

The school stands out in terms of space utilisation through its innovative wing-shaped design, which maximises space while establishing a clear functional hierarchy. At the heart of the school are shared common areas and specialised learning environments, thoughtfully organised within the wings. This layout provides students with a safe space to feel home within their key stages and is complemented by outdoor spaces such as the multifunctional covered amphitheatre, which is ideal for parent events and student gatherings.

Image: Noya British School. Covered Ampitheatre.


Emphasising the importance of natural light, the design ensures that all classrooms receive ample sunlight. Functional breakout spaces, including outdoor areas between the wings, are easily accessible, addressing a specific need for our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary students. This design feature enhances learning opportunities by allowing direct access to shared outdoor learning environments.


How will the school’s design enable functionality and learning?

The school's design facilitates functionality and enhances learning in several ways. The interconnecting wings streamline timetabling, minimising travel time between key areas, common spaces, and specialised learning environments. This efficiency ensures that students and staff can make the most of their time within the school.

Image: Noya British School. Senior Common Room.


Furthermore, our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling students to access the curriculum at their own pace and providing teachers with additional tools to personalise the learning experience for each student.


Can you explain how the design is in line with the British curriculum schools?

The design of Noya British School is meticulously crafted to adhere to the standards of the English National Curriculum, ensuring alignment with its learning outcomes and objectives. This is why we have prioritised the creation of flexible learning spaces, seamless integration of technology, provision of specialised facilities for various subjects, and development of bespoke outdoor learning environments. Furthermore, the sustainability features as well as the community spaces provide a nurturing and supportive setting that fully supports the educational journey of every student at Noya.


Interesting Facts


  • Noya British School is the first greenfield school under Aldar Schools
  • Aldar Schools promise high-quality and accessible education
  • Noya British School is the first British school on Yas Island
  • Total capacity of 3,000 students, with an initial 400 students expected to join in its inaugural year
  • Noya British School is set to open in September 2024
  • Noya British School will offer the British curriculum to students ranging from FS1 to Year 6 in the first year and eventually to Year 13



March 2024

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